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Certified Home Health Aides

  • All our Certified Home Health Aides have been licensed by the State of New Jersey and trained in the Heartfelt Home Care’s policies and procedures with on-going education directly related to their specific cases. Learn more about Our Caregivers.
  • Our Registered Nurse will prepare a Customized Plan of Care with the client and the family to offer services hourly and up to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide comprehensive assistance.
  • Our nurse will visit on a periodic basis and modify the Plan of Care as changes are occurring in a client’s health or well being.

As part of our Customized Plan of Care, our Personal Care Services may include the following (in addition to the Beginning Stages of Needing Care Services):

Nutrition assurance: observe eating behaviors, follow special diets, modify food consistency

  • Expanded personal hygiene: bed bath, sponge bath, shower, tub bath with equipment
  • Mouth and dental care including dentures: brushing, flossing, rubber pick, dentures
  • Help with personal grooming: shaving, beard, make-up, shampoo, hair style and care
  • Health Promotion: positioning, support hose, monitor fluid and food intake, movement
  • Health Prevention: hydration and toileting reminders, report any client changes
  • Medication Reminders and Support
  • Therapy & Exercise Support: encourage follow-up with prescribed exercise by speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy. 
  • Assisting/providing basis skin care: safe washing & drying, applying non-prescription lotions and creams, observe skin condition & changes, prevent skin break-down, position changes
  • Assist/provide incontinence care: follow a bladder and bowel regime to prevent incontinence
  • Assist with Hearing Aids & Eye Glasses: follow low hearing & vision communication methods
  • Assist with all transfers using equipment needed: bed to chair, wheelchair, cane, walker
  • Assist with positioning for proper body assignment: bed, chair, wheelchair, walker, car
  • Use of mechanical lifts
  • Dressing our clients for comfort, function, and keeping up appearances

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