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Client Bill of Rights

Heartfelt Home Care’s Client Bill of Rights

Some things are non-negotiable for us. For example, all communications and records will remain confidential. We will communicate transparently with you and your loved ones. 

Your loved ones will be treated with dignity and respect when in our care. You have a right to voice grievances and suggest changes without fear of discrimination, resistance, or backlash. You have a right to be fully informed and fully involved in the care of your loved ones.

We hold ourselves to the highest standards because caring for you and your family is not something to be taken lightly. When you and your loved ones need our care, we pledge to adhere to the following:


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The Heartfelt Home Care Client has the following rights while in our care.

  1. Receive considerate and respectful care with consideration of his/or her privacy.
  2. Only be admitted by the Heartfelt Home Care if they can provide safe and professional care at the skill level needed.
  3. Obtain from Heartfelt Home Care’s RN relevant, current, and understandable information, concerning his/or her care and service level based upon RN’s Assessment.
  4. Be advised should there be a change to the Plan of Care as significant changes in the client’s functional status, diagnosis, or care needs, before the change is made and participate in the related decisions.
  5. Determine the location of his “home” for care, and may expect to receive reasonable continuity of care in all settings where he needs services.
  6. To receive a timely response from the Agency to his or her request for service.
  7. Know the identity of Heartfelt Home Care employees involved in his care.
  8. Participate in the choice of care providers, and may expect a reasonable response for changes in care providers.
  9. Expect that all communications and records pertaining to his plan of care will be treated as confidential.
  10. Expect that Heartfelt Home Care will emphasize the confidentiality of the information when a release is made where review of this information is deemed necessary.
  11. Be informed of all related charges for care and services and available payment methods.
  12. Voice grievances and suggest changes in service of caregiver without fear of discrimination or reprisal.
  13. Be informed of his/or her rights under state law to formulate advanced directives.
  14. To abide by advanced directives in accordance with state laws.
  15. To be informed within reasonable frame of anticipated termination of service or plans for transfer to another agency.  
  16. To be referred elsewhere, if denied service solely on his/or her ability to pay.
  17. To be informed of what to do in the event of an emergency.
  18. Contact our office at 973-845-6125 for any questions, concerns, or complaints without fear of discrimination or reprisal.
  19. Voice grievances and suggest changes in service or staff without fear of restraint or discrimination.  You may file a grievance by first contacting Heartfelt Home Care’s President/Owner at 973-945-4827,
    1. If not satisfactorily resolved, be advised of the State of New Jersey’s Division of Consumer Affairs at PO Box 45025, Newark, NJ 07101, 973-504-6200 or 973-504-6430 or toll free at 1-800-242-5846.
    2. Another State Agency to consider such questions and complaints to, should they not be addressed by Heartfelt Home Care is the New Jersey Board of Nursing who’s telephone number is 973-504-6430.
    3. Or you may contact Heartfelt Home Care’s accrediting body, which is Commission on Accreditation for Home Care (CAHC) at 299 Market Street, Suite 235, Saddle Brook, NJ 07663; who’s telephone number is 201-880-9135

The Heartfelt Home Care Client has the following Responsibilities in our Care:

  1. To treat all staff with respect, without discrimination.  (Services shall be immediately withdrawn and possibly terminated if the client or other individuals living in the household threaten or abuse any employee).
  2. To provide a safe environment for care to be given; if care is provided in your home.
  3. To provide complete and accurate information about illness, hospitalization, medications, and other matters pertinent to your care and services.
  4. To provide supplies and equipment necessary to his/her care, if required.
  5. To receive regular NJ licensed RN supervisor visits to your home or other care/service location for supervision of your certified home health aide and determination of your care/care plan needs.
  6. To participate in and follow the plan of care, making requests for assistance in the home or other care/service location only within the limits set in the plan of care.
  7. To give the Agency a copy of the Advanced Directives/POLST and notify the Agency of any changes to this document.
  8. To notify the office if the visit schedule needs to be changed. (No schedule changes can be made with the NJ Certified Home Health Aide providing your care.)
  9. To advise the agency of any problems or dissatisfaction with services.
  10. To advise the staff if you do not understand instructions, information given to you, or if you need to use special devices or other aids to facilitate communication.
  11. To assist the agency with billing and/or billing issues, as requested.
  12. To refrain from offering staff gifts unless reviewed by the office first.
  13. To permit the Heartfelt Home Care Client Log to remain untouched in the home which is required by our NJ Regulations to provide Personal Care Services.
  14. To sign the Timesheet and Client Activity Forms accurately (if the client is capable of signing), when requested by the NJ Certified Home Health Aide.  Please write a letter to Heartfelt Home Care if your loved one is no longer capable of signing.
  15. To refrain from providing or arranging any direct payment or financial benefits to the NJ Certified Home Health Aide under the terms of the Service Agreement.

Relating to the Financial Aspects of Care each Client has the Right to:

  1. To receive full information about all fees relating to available services before the start of care.
  2. To be informed of all related charges for care and services and available payment methods.
  3. To receive a detailed accounting of actual services and related fees on a bi-weekly basis.
  4. If service requests change or the level of client need for services changes, to be notified of additional charges.
  5. To be informed verbally and/or in writing regarding pricing changes.  If such change in pricing is the result of a change in regulation or law by either the State or Federal Government, the new pricing would become effective immediately.
  6. In the event of non-payment of services, to receive reasonable notice of termination of services, and to be advised of the consequences and possible alternative care arrangements.
  7. To pay all invoices upon receipt, after 30 days, 18% Service Charge per annum is charged.

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