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Thank you for your interest in working with our Heartfelt Home Care Family!

Our employees have a heartfelt passion for caring for their clients!  We have a heartfelt passion to helping our Aides succeed.

  1. RN available 24/7.  We urge you to call if you have concerns!
  2. 401 K with match after you work for us 1,000 hours!
  3. Health Insurance, a very affordable plan and a plan that will cost more but covers more!  We pay 50%.
  4. Dental Insurance, a very affordable plan and a plan that will cost more but covers more!  We pay 50%
  5. Earned Paid Time Off.
  6. We give you PPE for both Home and Work!
  7. Commuter Benefit – If you use public transportation this is for you!
  8. Special App for Financial Fitness – can educate you on anything that deals with money, you can also after 6 months of working for us, borrow up to 50% of your gross checks for a month, paying it back in 5 months, this helps build you credit, and you can then apply for a credit card.
  9. Vision and Term Life Insurance benefits for low cost.
  10. Special Auto Insurance Discount after review of your auto Insurance policies and Drivers License check
  11. December Holiday Bonus
  12. Overtime Available
  13. Excellent Education with our Inservice’s to which you are paid for.
  14. Refer a friend, earn $250 once they work for us for 8 weeks!
  15. Refer a client, earn $250 once they take our service and we take care of them for 4 weeks!
  16. Friendly, Honest Company that cares about you!  Flexible Schedules.  Looking for Hourly and Live In NJ Certified Home Health Aides and people who would like to be a Home Health Aide.  We have a scholarship program to become a Home Health Aide.  We all work together as a TEAM!  There is no “I” in team.  We work together to build what we can offer you!  We also make it a priority to give you respect, always act honestly and help each other to succeed.

Our employees were surveyed by a third party and because they are happy, we received this Award

Don’t Take Our Word For It, Hear From Our Amazing Staff

My name is Shawndel H., CHHA and I have worked for Heartfelt Home Care for the past 4 years.  It’s been a pleasure working for the company.  I would recommend Heartfelt Home Care to my family, friends and others.  Heartfelt Home Care staff are friendly, patient, understanding and reliable.

Shawndel H.

Heartfelt Home Care is like a family.  The management is there for me and for the other caregivers.  We all share the same vision of dedication and trust to our clients.  I have grown in knowledge due to the constant information passed on to me by way of In-Service Training.  I like working for Debbie because she wants me to get all the benefits Heartfelt Home Care has to offer.  I have health insurance and dental insurance and I am well compensated.  I have worked with Heartfelt Home Care for five years.

Mary M.

I have been working in the medical field for a long time, and I worked for different companies in between.  These days I am working only for Heartfelt Home Care.  One of the reasons is that I have developed a good relationship with the owner and the staff.  They respect me as a person and also take care of me and are concerned about my well-being.  Another reason I am happy working for them is they keep me busy.  Heartfelt Home Care is a serious company that always pays my salary on time, and I also receive bonuses.  Debbie, the owner, has been doing a great job with the COVID 19 situation>  She is not only concerned about her patients, but since the beginning of the pandemic, she has provided us with a good and sufficient supply of PPE to protect each one of her employees.  I’m happy working for the growing company.  I have worked for Heartfelt Home Care for 7 years.

Olinto P.

I have been working for Heartfelt Home Care for eleven years.  I love that I can make my own hours and the office knows my personality so they are very good at matching me up with clients that work best with my personality.  I appreciate that in weeks we will be getting a 401K and that we have Paid Time Off.  They offer insurance and thought I do not need it, it is wonderful that it is available.

Cindy S.

Heartfelt Home Care is a great company to work for because they are very understanding, and they treat employees with love and respect.  They offer more hours and better training and good pay.  They are extremely helpful for me because when I get into the homes of the clients, I know everything that I need to know to care for my clients.  

Heartfelt Home Care helps me to feel more confident in my abilities and they treat me as a family member.  The management and office staff are of the highest caliber and operate with integrity, efficiency, and a pleasure to deal with as they are always positive.  It is always my honor to work for Heartfelt Home Care.  Zoila has worked for Heartfelt Home Care for almost 5 years.

Zoila L. CHHA

Heartfelt Homecare is an amazing place to work. They care about their clients as well as their employees. Heartfelt creates such a caring environment that its employees feel like part of a family. Everyone at Heartfelt is dependable and supportive; I know that anytime I need help that they will be there for me.

Heartfelt also provides outstanding, current training which enables their Certified Home Health Aide (CHHA) employees to be confident they can provide excellent care for their clients. As a result of this training, I am positive I can provide the proper care my clients need. Heartfelt carefully matches the CHHA employees with their clients so well that going to work often does not feel like a job; it feels more like helping a friend. Choosing to work for Heartfelt Homecare has been one of the best decisions I ever made.  Theresa has worked for Heartfelt Home Care for 11 years.

Theresa K.

I started working for Heartfelt Home Care in November 2013.  I would like to tell you why I have stayed for the past 7 plus years.  1) We have wonderful interpersonal relationships and work together in unity.  This has been an important aspect of Heartfelt Home Care and employees taking into consideration of work schedules, the weather and unforeseen circumstances.  For example, they try hard to reschedule to suit our safety.  They are flexible to work for.  2) Training – Between Competency training and Inservice’s, and RN Visits, Annual Testing, this is exceptionally good.  It helps the employees to acquaint themselves with new skills needed for the job.  The RN will make home visits and conduct practical tests for example on Hand washing, transferring a client and Safety and Universal Precautions as well as body mechanics.  3) Incentives and Bonuses.  During Occasions like the December Holiday, all employees receive bonuses, and this motivates us a lot.  Also, when the pandemic hit awfully hard, Heartfelt kept its employees going by giving bonuses also.  4) PPE Supplies:  I will continue to give Heartfelt a big thumbs up for the way they have distributed Supplies to its workers throughout the pandemic.  Right from the beginning, workers of Heartfelt have been given gloves, hand sanitizers, masks, shields, disinfectants, etc. to ensure our safety and with ample supply for both home and work.  Heartfelt also conducted weekly text about COVID so we were well informed.

With all these explanations, I must say that Heartfelt is not only a workplace but a home.  I am more than delighted and proud to be working with Heartfelt Home Care.  Vivian has worked for Heartfelt Home Care for 7 plus years.

Vivian K. A. CHHA

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