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Frequently Asked Questions

We receive many questions about homecare options and caregiver options. Here are a few popular questions we often receive. If you have a question that you feel is not answered here, leave it for us in the form below!

Can you help us identify the needs of our loved one? How do we start to know what my loved one’s needs are?

We’ll set up a free in-home consultation to discuss and ask questions, so we can customize the Plan of Care in the areas of help that are needed. Once you decide that you are interested in our service, we will send a Registered Nurse to do a FREE assessment of your loved one, and the nurse will decide the level of care needed. We can start when you need the help. We value the family’s input as to what they see and think the needs are, and we can speak with experience also. Our plans of care continue to evolve as the needs increase. We always try to keep the finances in mind.

How do you decide who should be the caregiver for my loved one?

While meeting with your loved one, we will ask questions and get to know them, their personality, what interests they have, and what is important to them. Then our Registered Nurse will evaluate them for the proper level of care. We will send our caregiver out based on the level of care needed, personality traits, and interests to try to form a lasting relationship.

What if my loved one needs more help?

Both our caregivers and Registered Nurse continuously monitor your loved one’s condition. If there is any change in condition on a physical, mental, or emotional basis, we will contact you, if needed.  It is very simple to change the care plan and update to the level of care needed. We can also suggest care services to help us, whether that be Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Hospice Care, etc. and we can review the amount of time based on the needs and increase and decrease as needed.

What if we decide to go to an Assisted Living, Rehabilitation Center, Nursing Home?

We can also help there. We have transitioned our clients into these places by assisting them to make friends, continue to provide companionship, or in addition to the care they receive, provide 24 hour service in those facilities.

What if my loved one has to go to the hospital?

We will go with and stay with them until you arrive. This is a very important reason to sign our HIPAA agreement, so we can advocate for your loved one in the hospital setting. If you cannot make it there, we can update you with information on your loved one’s condition and stay with your loved one until they are settled into their room, or provide 24 hour service in this setting also, as an advocate for your loved one. During this Covid-19 pandemic, things change all the time, if we can go into the hospital. When our lives return to normal, we will again be able to do this for our clients. This is especially good if you live far away.

How do we pay for service?

We bill twice a month and you can pay by check, eCheck, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. We are private pay only and do not accept Medicare or Medicaid. Also, see Payment Options for further information on payment options such as Long-Term Care insurance, Employer- sponsored pre-taxed accounts, Veteran’s Administration benefits, family trust funds, and reverse mortgages.

Can your services be deducted for taxes?

Our services most of the time, can be deducted from your loved one’s taxes as a medical expense.  Please check with your accountant.  We will at the end of the year send you a statement with our Tax ID # for services paid for that particular year.

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