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We do not have any upcoming speaking events scheduled, but will be posting events as they are scheduled. Our free speaking events will be presented by Paulette Cranwell RN, MSN, Director of Marketing and Education, Heartfelt Home Care. Some suggested topics include:

  • Being an Effective Caregiver: Tips and Resources for day-to-day help
  • Home Safety Issues: small changes can make a difference, fall prevention
  • The 5R’s Approach can have benefits in chronic illness and dementia: repeat, rephrase, refocus, reassure, and refresh: The benefits of positive changes in interpersonal approaches and taking care of you are discussed.
  • Finding Long-Term Care: where will my parents live? One of the major issues facing aging parents is the concern about where to live and when relocation is needed.
  • So you think you are a caregiver- what next? All of us are likely to become caregivers. Experts suggest family members seek information and assistance early when a caregiving role seems likely. Step-by-step help can reassure and ease the “new” family caregiver.
  • Convincing the older relative to accept help: If you suspect an aging relative could use some help with basic tasks, you may be faced with reluctance and denial. But, help is available for assistance and acceptance.
  • Communicating with friends/family when a loved one has dementia: various options are discussed.
  • Preventing hospitalization at “all costs”: With changes in Medicare regulations, funding, and costs, hospitalization needs to be prevented. This is especially important for the elderly who are at risk for adverse events as a result of a hospitalization. Learn how great the “costs” are.

To scheduling a free speaking event please contact: Paulette Cranwell RN, MSN at Be sure to include your request of topics from our list, or suggest another topic. Also be sure to identify your location for on-site caregiver education

About Paulette Cranwell RN, MSN, Director of Marketing and Education, Heartfelt Home Care :
Paulette Cranwell holds a masters degree from the Yale School of Nursing. Her professional practice specialty is geriatrics, providing nursing services in adult day programs for 20 years. Paulette’s knowledge and skills in the clinical field of geriatrics has extended to include community education services.

Her speaking topics of most interest to seniors, family caregivers, and the public provide insight on setting realistic expectations for both healthy aging and decision making in family caregiving.
Mrs. Cranwell’s expertise extends to community-based dementia care. She was a recipient of the A.C.E. award from the Dementia Care Professionals of America, a branch of the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America. The A.C.E. award (ability, compassion, excellence) honors professionals who demonstrate the highest qualities in delivering care to people affected by Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias.

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