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Tips for Caring

Caregiver Situation: How do I know when my elderly relative will start to need help at home? He lives alone now and I am worried.
Tip: If you are asking this question, there may already be a need to start help and care at home. Gradually introduce short periods of in-home assistance. This can potentially prevent a crisis such as a fall at home, or a hospitalization.

Caregiver situation: I live 600 miles away from my Dad. When I speak to him on the phone he seems lonely. I am also concerned that he might not be eating well. What home care services could help in my situation? Tips: A good place to start is a phone call to speak to an expert in home care. An expert listening to your concerns is a good first step. If agreeable, meeting your Dad at his home can further assist a home care expert to understand his needs. Introducing just the right amount of assistance, such as increasing socialization and ensuring nutrition may be all you need right now. Plus, you will have a long distance expert to check in with your Dad.

Caregiver situation: I am uncertain if Mom should move into an assisted living facility or remain in her home. She owns her own home and we are concerned about her future expenses.
Tips: There are many areas of concern relating to a possible relocation of a family member. While all concerns need to be addressed in time, the primary focus needs to be on remaining safe and as independent as possible within one’s home. Before a move is precipitated by a serious crisis, a good first step is to consider hiring a dependable, trained New Jersey Certified Home Health Aide. This measure of safety plus all the other services of a Certified Home Health Aide will give you more time to fully assess the situation, including financial consideration, before making a final decision about relocating your Mother. Click to learn more about Our  Services,  Click to learn more about Our Caregivers 

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